Standard: IS 2046: 1995
Product: High Pressure Decorative Laminates, Industrial Laminates, Post Forming Laminates
Finish: More than 50 Varieties of international standard textures & finishes 

The Laminate Testing
Virgo tests the laminates as per IS 2046: 1995, ISO 4586 & NEMA-LD-3-1995 standards and make sure no product failing to clear any test reaches to the customer. Following are the tests to ensure that Virgo offer only the best and nothing.

Resistance to Surface Wear
Here specimen is rotated in contact with a pair of loaded cylindrical wheels covered with abrasive paper. A laminate stands clear if no abrasion occurs after a defined number of revolutions. This test measures the decorative ability of laminates.

Resistance to Immersion in Boiling Water
There should be no increase in mass and thickness through blistering and delaminating after immersing the specimen in boiling water.

Dimensional Stability at Elevated Temperatures
A good laminate is the one with no dimensional change under extreme relative humidity at elevated temperatures.

High Temperatures Resistance
There is no change in the pigmentation and finish of a high pressure decorative laminate under high temperature.

Resistance to Impact by Small Diameter Ball
A 5mm steel ball is shot at the specimen sheet bonded to wood chipboard at a defined high speed. A quality laminate should stand unaffected till a certain point of force by the ball.

Staining Test
High pressure decorative laminates generally come in touch with substances like tea, juice, ink, polish, etc.  So this test is just to make sure that these laminates are easily cleanable and no stain remains.

Determination of Resistance to Color Change in Xenon Arc Light
In this test laminate and standard blue wool are partially subjected to the light of xenon lamp. Here the effect of light dosage is determined by the contrast between exposed and unexposed part of the specimen and the relative changes brought in both the specimen.

Radiation Heat Resistance
This test is to ascertain that no damage occurs when high pressure decorative laminates are subjected to the radiation and heat source.

Dimensional Stability
Dimensional stability of high pressure decorative laminates is measured by exposing these over an extreme range of humidity at room temperature.