December 22, 2021

The Importance of Environment Sustainability

ACP Cladding

The Importance of Environment Sustainability & what Virgo does to ensure it

Climate change is real, it’s not a hoax. Global Warming remains an inevitable threat unless rockstong actions aren’t taken to avoid it. The effects of climate change are mostly caused by the ignorance of the manufacturing industry where most of the companies ignore how their work process could prove to be lethal to the very planet we live on. Thus, Virgolam wants to emphasize on the importance of Environment Sustainability through this blog.

Construction industries possibly contribute directly to this cause. Directly using the planet’s resources will only speeden up the process of resource depletion. Virgolam falls under the same sector but we have always given back to nature more than what we have taken.

Virgolam fundamentally believes in the importance of Environment Sustainability, we have always taken necessary steps to preserve the planet’s resources for future generations to come. The key to Virgo’s success over the years has been using the power of technology to come up with innovative trailblazing ways to change decor & laminates industry. These innovative practices have always been done to keep environment preservation in mind, to use minimum of Earth’s resources for maximum result.

Virgolam has been the leading manufacturer & distributor of Aluminium products for a reason. That reason being in the form of Aluminium being the most recycled material on the planet. Virgo Aluminium Products like Roof Sheets & ACP Sheets are non-corrosive and can be recycled & reused for decades. 

The Environment Sustainable production methods followed by Virgolam

Being a part of the manufacturing sector, Virgo along with other companies continue to fall under the knife as the leading cause of climate change. Therefore, we consider it as an obligation to make sure we find solutions to lower the impact on environmental damage and innovative ways to make better use of the planet’s resources through a more sustainable process. 

The entire manufacturing process of Virgo integrates green activities on all levels, products & systems while making sure we make the best use of three Rs – Reduce, Recycle & Reuse. 

At Virgolam, our products are ecologically processed using natural raw materials, producing low emission, durable quality, easy recyclable, and disposal solutions. We continue to implement methods for sustainable ways of manufacturing to ensure that our customers and end consumers receive products that have minimal impact on the environment.

Our ultimate goal is to promote self-recovery capability of the earth while minimising the carbon footprint during manufacturing our products.

Virgo Initiatives for Environment Sustainability

Virgolam is fully aware of our consumption of natural resources, we implement a Green Policy to follow an eco-friendly plan in our production process. We always give back to the environment more than we take.

We know we cannot automatically reverse environmental depletion problems, the eco-enable solution is our contribution to this challenge. As a company, we try to incorporate clean technology, innovation in product and material in our manufacturing that is not only natural but also:

  • Responsibly Procured
  • Reduce Energy Use
  • Reduce Water Footprint
  • Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Reduce Waste Generation

As a manufacturing entity operating on a large scale across the country, we are dedicated to ensure that our each product meets the relevant Green building standards.