Initiatives For Environment


For thousands of years, we have called the planet earth our home. A home, which has cherished us, nurtured us and sustained us with all its might and resources. Plants and trees have always given us oxygen, food, and shelter in abundance.

Being always on the receiving end, it is our responsibility to give back and look after our home with love and care. Thus, at Virgolam, we take sustainable and ethical initiatives as a perfect solution for preserving our nature and going environmentally friendly.

How Wood Solution Help Environment

We often use the terms such as eco-friendly, renewable, recyclable very easily. However, Wood is one such versatile raw material that has been in use for generations now for it is not just easy to use but naturally renewable, and an ideal environmental friendly material. Here’s why:

  • Moving Towards 20 Percent Increase in Energy Efficiency
    Wood is a natural and renewable material that creates minimal waste. The by-products are used to generate energy.
  • Unique Capacity to Store Carbon
    Wood stores carbon dioxide throughout its lifetime, and in the end, it can replace fossil fuel as bio fuel. Almost fifty percent of the dry weight in wood is carbon making it structurally very strong.
  • Increase the Share of Renewable Energy
    Wood products giving significantly lower carbon footprint, wood is a perfect substitute for other material requiring fossil fuels for production.
  • Wood can be recycled and Reused
    Sourced responsibly, wood is a durable material not just for homes but also for commercial buildings. It can last hundreds of years if properly looked after.
  • Wood is Great at Retaining Heat
    Wood serves as a natural insulator owing to air pockets within its cellular structure. This can help reduce the cost of heating and cooling a building structure.
  • It is Biodegradable 100 Percent
    Naturally, beautiful and visually appealing, wood is an organic material that decomposes under certain weather conditions and adds a rustic charm to any place with its raw feel and look.
  • Creates Minimal Waste
    While wood is easy to use, wooden building can be built in short time creating minimal amount of waste as compared to its other substitutes used for construction.

Sustainable Production

Our Nature is our establishment, and our largest asset that we have been trying to conserve since day one. With sustainability continues to be a prominent factor within the commercial and specifically manufacturing community, it is our obligation to the world we live in to find solutions to lower the environmental impact. For that, it is significant to include sustainability at all levels of the life cycle of products that are manufactured. The entire process should integrate green activities at all levels including product, process and system while keeping in mind the three R – reduce, reuse and recycle.

At Virgolam, our products are ecologically produced using natural raw materials, producing low emission, durable in quality, offering easy recycling, and disposal solutions. We continue our search for methods for sustainable ways of manufacturing to ensure that our customers and end consumers receive products that have minimal impact on the environment.

Our ultimate goal is to promote self-recovery capability of the earth while minimising the carbon footprint during manufacturing our products.


Initiatives for Environment

Virgolam deals with wood almost every day and thus, it is our primary concern how this is going to affect our environment. Being aware of our consumption of natural resources, we work meticulously towards imbuing sustainability through every element of our business as a part of our Green Policy instead of just displaying our certificates and setting some goals.

With no magical formula to reverse the existing environmental problems, the eco-enable solution is our contribution to this challenge. As a company, we try to incorporate clean technology, innovation in product and material in our manufacturing that is not only natural but also:

  • Responsibly Procured
  • Reduce Energy Use
  • Reduce Water Footprint
  • Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Reduce Waste Generation

As a manufacturing entity operating on a large scale across the country, we are dedicated to ensure that our each product meet the relevant Green building standards.

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