November 3, 2021

Why Virgo ACP is the Best Cladding Option for Tropical Areas of India

Living in tropical areas might prove to be a bit harsh for your building exterior. We take a look at what makes Virgo ACP the best cladding option to face the inconsistent harsh weather conditions of tropical areas.

The climate of India is considered to be a tropical one. For the masses, a tropical area is considered to be a climate region that receives rainfall throughout the year, the scalding temperature during summer along with hot & humid conditions. Inconsistent weather like these could damage the exterior of a building. People who live in coastal areas of India face this problem regularly.

If you have ever been to Mumbai, you will see a lot of buildings with blacked-out or damaged surfaces. Cladding materials such as tiles, slabs, metal, brick & wood are susceptible to breakage, cracks, corrosion & stains. 

The solution comes in the form of ACP Sheets, the perfect answer to counter extreme weather conditions in tropical areas. Let us describe in detail how Virgo ACP tackles such conditions;

No pain in rain for Virgo ACP

Rains are the biggest nuisance for building cladding materials. Materials like stone, cement, paint or wood are easily susceptible to wet surfaces and in the case of tiles, their adhesive may loosen up thus prompting leakages. 

Virgo ACP Sheets on the other hand are completely waterproof and engineered to withstand any amount of rain throughout the year. They are also manufactured tight thus ruling out any chance of leakage.

Humid not so timid for ACP Sheets

Nobody likes humidity and extra sweat that comes with it. The same goes for your house building. With high humidity comes high moisture that leads to your exterior getting rusted or corrosive. 

This is no concern for Virgo ACP Sheets as its main substance, Aluminium is non-corrosive in nature and can stand firm against any amount of humid temperature.

Summer safety with Virgo ACP

Summer heat could be an equally annoying nuisance just like rain to materials like cement and bricks. High heat affects the expansion dimension of materials thus leading to cracks between the joints and materials.

Virgo ACP FR sheets are manufactured to be highly resistant to high temperatures up to 600C. Aluminium is highly resistant to heat thus making ACP Sheets the most optimal choice for areas located in extreme heat conditions.

Be safe from UV Rays with ACP Sheets

Tropical areas around the equator tend to have a higher amount of harmful UV rays. High amount of UV Rays could change the physical and chemical properties or form of susceptible materials.

Virgo ACP Sheets are processed with PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) resin which consist of UV resistant properties. This PVDF is then coated on ACP Sheets thus providing active UV resistance.

Building Insulation with Virgo ACP

So far, we have talked about the effects of weather on the exterior of your building but what kind of inconvenience do you face while staying inside? 

In summer times, the interior could get extremely warm if your exterior material is highly reactive to heat. If there are cracks in your exterior, it could lead to water squeezing in through those cracks into your home and ruin your walls. 

This all could easily be avoided by installing Virgo ACP Sheets which absorb the heat radiation to make your building interior a lot cooler. They also provide protection from all kinds of weather hazards like heat, rain, wind and UV rays. They are very tightly manufactured to leave no room for cracks or breakage.

In addition, they also act as an acoustic barrier to save you from exterior noise pollution.

In conclusion, people tend to waste a lot of money by going for cladding solutions solely on aesthetic features while ignoring the weather protection advantages. With Virgo ACP, you get superior aesthetics while protecting from all kinds of weather hazards. Don’t settle, choose excellence with Virgo ACP.