January 31, 2019

The Best amongst the Elite Aluminum Composite Manufacturers in India

Aluminum composite panel manufacturers in India

Rapid urbanization and the rise in construction activities in the emerging economies have been a boon to the aluminum composite panel manufacturers. This market size is projected to grow at 7% during the forecast period. The statistics suggest that the aluminum composite panel market may reach $8.75 billion by 2022. No wonder, the large-scale investments in industrial and infrastructure sectors have driven the demand for the ACP sheets.

What Is An Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP)?

The aluminum composite panels are thin sandwich panels wherein the non-aluminum core bonds two thin aluminum sheets. They are light-weight and durable. Hence, they are extensively used for cladding purposes in the building exteriors and interiors.

Good Growth Prospects for Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturers in India

The growing construction industry and the setting-up of new production facilities in India are helping the aluminum manufacturers in India considerably. Also, the ACP sheet seems to be the most preferred material for facades in India. This can be attributed to its low cost and durability. Moreover, it is weather-resistant and does not fade due to continuous rains or sun. Hence, the other architectural materials like stone, and glass etc., are seldom used here. No doubt, the aluminum manufacturers in India have delighted the customers with varied patterns, colors, and textures of these ACPs.

Aluminum Composite Manufacturers Ensure Superior Quality ACP Production

Yes, the ACPs are definitely used for decorative purposes for buildings. But they are also used in the transportation industry to make vehicle bodies due to their light-weight nature and robust quality. The aluminum composite manufacturers in India have always maintained the highest quality in the manufacturing process so that the end result is the ACP that is highly corrosion resistant. The price being on the lower side, many of the interior decorators prefer ACPs to beautify the homes and buildings.

Ensure You Buy the Best Quality ACP from the Aluminum Manufacturers in India

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Virgo Group Is the Leader among the Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturers

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