February 5, 2021

ACP Cladding – The Most Preferred For Building Exteriors

ACP Cladding
ACP sheet manufacturer in India

What is ACP? Aluminium Composite Panels are double-decker structures that comprise of several layers united together to produce multilayer sheets, industrial structural panels, or cored laminates. The ACP is made from a variety of metal, wood, ceramic, glass, fibre, and plastic-based composite materials.

Aluminium composite panel also commonly known as ACP cladding is the most preferred building material in today’s construction world. The advanced structures, be it business, private, institutional, or medical clinics, will have ACP deal with them. It is hugely better than paints as they provide several benefits over and above the paints. Below-mentioned is some of the prime reasons why ACP Cladding is considered to be the best and most preferred for Building Exteriors.

Benefits of using ACP Cladding:

Aluminium Composite Panels are used for a variety of purposes. Here are a few benefits of using the ACP Cladding Sheet.


ACP Cladding or Aluminium Composite Panels sheets come up with sturdy physical properties which make it the perfect cladding material for the façade. One of the essential factors of any cladding material should be its longevity. Products with a short lifespan are not perfect for cladding as they have to face severe weather all the time. Aluminium Composite Panels are amongst such materials that beats all the extreme weather restraints such as rain, sun, storm, so forth. The ACP Cladding is such durable panels that it will not be required to change even after several years and therefore, have become the best choice for builders.


ACP is one of the most cost-effective and cheap materials available in the market formed by ACP Sheet Manufacturers. Besides being cheap, the ACP Cladding also feature high longevity, therefore, making them extremely useful for commercial. Thus, you get the best value for money when you buy this at an affordable price along with the essential other features like longevity, weather & fire resistance along easy installation.


Buildings, big complexes are prone to fire and aluminium being a non- combustible material is considered very safe during any fire incident. This aluminium cladding proves to be a fireproof option in case of fire, nor do it release toxic gases or fumes in case of fire.

Easy Installation

Easy installation of ACP cladding is one of the significant factors why it is considered best for building exteriors. It is effortless to require numerous resources or is unchallenging. They are perfect cladding solutions for both exteriors and interior surfaces amidst new formations or in renovating the former ones.

Trouble-Free Maintenance

Aluminium Composite Panels offers easy and trouble-free maintenance and is capable of the formation and feels durable than any other cladding product or material. The only type of maintenance is required by wiping the sheets frequently and quickly get rid of the dust and foreign agents.

ACP Cladding Manufacturers – Virgo ACP

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