May 24, 2021

Are Colours To The Architecture Are Like Oxygen To Us?

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Colours have always evolved the mood, mindset, taste, perception, and action of humans; rather colours have changed the way animals behave in the same environment.
And, it’s absolutely true that the colours of the architecture are like oxygen to us. Without colours the otherwise beautiful buildings, skyscrapers, and other structures that make our mood elevate our vibrancy and bring elegance to our surroundings instead appear as lifeless concrete jungles that seem to be threatening us of soon devouring us. Even the colours, shades, and hues of the same colour do matter to us and drive us in different ways and make us behave differently at the same place. They not only set the ambience but also create the aura, which triggers our adrenaline, set our mood, fuel our spirit, incites the imagination, guides the behaviour and bring us back in line with the surroundings to make us act according to it. As you have noticed, our parties are red, blue, and pink to make us jolly, and vibrant while the colour of funerals, condolences and mourning are kept dull and white to let us understand the other men grief and sorrows. Thus, the colours set the ambience of the surroundings and unfold the expected behaviour, mannerism, and style to guide one to remain tuned with surroundings.

Joseph Addison was not wrong when he said

“Colour speaks all languages.” No doubt, even the different people of the same community perceive colours differently, but broadly we do have set perceptions and rules, which are followed by us all across the world, though stands differently within one’s community. Thus, one has to be careful while playing with the colours to set the tone and temper of the area to make our eyes perceive the surroundings and work in tandem. Different colours have different significance to different communities, races, regions, and nations and are therefore meant to be decided with utmost care and judgment. Temples prefers to go in orange colours while mosques with green, offices are kept light in colour while clubs and pubs are kept in the dark colours. The positivity and the negativity of colours are different for different communities and nations and are therefore to be selected in line with the people we are creating the buildings and structures for. Colours are used to represent something & without proper meaning, the colours become dead, emotionless, and senseless and fail to incite the emotions, the sensations, and the reflections they could have.

So, all what colours can do for us?

Let’s summarise, what all colours can do for us- 1) Colours improve space. 2) They tend to change the warmth and the aura 3) They brew ambience in line with surrounding objects, artefacts, and other displays. 4) They help in classifying different objects and areas in a room. 5) They set the different themes of similar rooms. 6) They make objects and layouts appear different as per their tones and colours. 7) They inspire our sensibilities and trigger our different reactions. 8) They influence our behaviour and make us think in accordance. 9) They drive our stimulus and let us feel dejected or accepted. 10) They reflect light differently and add to the luminosity, brightness, and darkness of the room. 11) They define the purpose of the area and the relevance of the activities believed to be performed there.

Are outdoor colours different than indoor colours?

The outdoor colours as of stadiums, lawns, roadsides, building exteriors, and other structures are significantly kept different to not to become dull and dirty with the harshness of the weather, splashes of the rains, dusty air, and stormy winds while the colours of interiors are generally kept light and bright to keep them vibrant, reflecting and spacious. As the utilities and the surrounding environments are different, therefore the colour choices are different when it comes to colour outdoors and indoors.

Conclusion – 

Yes, the colours to the architects are like oxygen to us and have to be selected with utmost care and preference in line with the surroundings, culture, race, ethnicity, and the type of people going to avail that space, no matter whether they are meant for exteriors or interiors. The same structure can become lifeless and useless if coloured with wrong colours, hues, and shades as we are driven by our perceptions, and it’s difficult to bluff our perceptions. It’s the perceptions that make us happy or sad, build our emotions and physiological reactions and are responsible for our behaviour and actions.


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