May 17, 2021

Are Green Facades Worth Installing?

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You would agree, in the present scenario of Global warming and the Greenhouse gas effect, it has become a billion-dollar question that whether the installation of the green facade is worth their installation.

Is their installation, operational, and maintenance cost acceptable vis-à-vis their utility or benefits. Or, is it just a new buzz across making rounds, or is it only in vogue to be wiped away in the days to come?

And you probably guessed it right. Yes, Green Facades are worth their installation for more than one reason, and they are here to stay.

Here we will be exploring this new trend taking deep roots in urban areas, metros, and cities. You would be equipped with detailed knowledge regarding the relevance and the utility of these green facades, besides understanding what exactly they are, by the time you will be going through the blog reaching its end.

What are Green Facades?

The green facades are created by growing plants across the façade provided in front of a building. These plants are often climbing plants that are grown either at the base of the building in garden beds or by plants grown in the containers installed at different levels across the building. They cost less, are easy to install and demand little maintenance in the entire year.

Climbing plants can be easily attached directly to the surface of a building, or they can be supported on a structure independent of the building. The use of climbers that anchor themselves to a structure by twining stems or twining tendrils enables a green facade to be installed in front of solid walls or some other structure, to create a partition, privacy screen, or a sunshade.

The degree of density of the facade coverage can be managed to suit the required function. For example, a facade designed to shade a building wall would ideally have greater foliage density than a screen installed near a window that is designed to allow at least partial views of the environment beyond the façade.

How are the Plants Planted in these Green Facades?

These climbing plants can be either directly attached to the building surface or can be supported on a façade or a structure independent of the building installed in front of the building. These facades are provided in front of the buildings or otherwise some other structures to create sunshades, privacy screens, or to create some partition. As per the purpose of creating the facade, the density of the façade is decided.

For instance, if the façade is installed to provide shade to a building, then the foliage density is kept more in comparison to when it is provided to give a partial view, besides providing partial shade to the building also.

How are These Facades Formed?

These facades are commonly made up of aluminum composite panels or some other structure to support the twining stems or tendrils or other climbing plants to provide shade or covering to the structure for which the façade is provided.

Do these green façades serve some purpose?

Yes, they do serve a purpose. The facades additionally provide energy savings in the buildings by reducing the urban heat island effect, which is achieved because of the controlled heatwave and pollution.

The foliage blocks the pollution entering the building in addition to providing fresh air in a nearby environment, thus keeping a check on the pollution as well as the heatwave.

The water in the foliage provides the necessary moisture to the environment to prevent it from getting dried and hot.

The shadow of the foliage, besides, prevents the building from getting heated and trapping unnecessary heat from the sun, and thus maintains the comparatively lower temperature inside the building and relives the airconditioned system.

Where We Can Install These Green Facades?

There are several applications of these Green Facades and they can be installed at numerous places depending upon the area, and it’s a requirement.

    1. They can be installed to create nice and lovely looking closures, never mind even across the scrap yards or the junkyards in the factories, public areas, Government installations and many more to prevent the ugly look of the surroundings and beautify them beyond recognitions of scrap or filth there.
    2. They are best suited for the retail and the office spaces where a live look is essential to create an aura to pamper the staff and the clients for increased efficiency and productivity.
    3. The residences can be easily beautified with these green facades to provide a natural habitat look where space is at a premium to go for gardens or grounds and maintenance is far beyond reach.
    4. The factories, industries, and other production houses need them the most to maintain the environment and to compensate for the pollution and the nuisance they create in the neighborhood areas.
    5. Clubs, recreational centers, and even selected areas in stadiums could also have these green facades to add to the look and the attraction of these areas.
    6. Hotels and restaurants are the best areas to install these green facades as the ambiance is must attract the clients and keep them connected with them for a long to make them come again and again.
    7. The highway buildings are the other areas where these green facades can be installed to eliminate the dust and pollution from accumulating on these structures and giving them a dull and dirty look. These green facades also bring down their maintenance to a great extent resulting in good savings in the years to come.
    8. The parking structures are generally the isolated and neglected parts of the buildings and for them having these green facades is a must to make them live and gel with the surrounding ambiance of the neighborhood to make them look like the part buildings they are associated with.
    9. These Green facades seem to be a must for the rooftop gardens to create the type of ambiance and the aura they are designed for luring the inmates as well as the outsiders.
    10. These green facades are a must in all the power-starved areas to reduce the burden on the air-conditioning and other cooling gadgets installed in the residences, offices, commercial places, hotels, complexes and other areas where they can significantly contribute to reducing the electrical load on the utility.

What are the Necessary Factors to be Considered While Going for Multi-Level Green Facades?

The multi-level green facades are trickier than the usual ones as it is difficult to do and maintain the plantation at elevated heights because of the environmental or weather conditions. Therefore, depending upon the location, height, environment, and the type of selected plants these, multi-level green facades are to be installed with proper planning, material, and expertise. Here let’s have a quick look over the various factors to be considered before installing them:

Fast winds – The fast winds create significant problems to the multi-level facades for the plant attachment. In such cases, therefore, plants are avoided, and twining climbers are preferred as they take a better grip of the facade.

Extreme weather conditions – Extreme weather conditions such as storms etc., can strip off the plants even after their proper grip, and firm standing. Therefore, it is advisable to select the plants depending upon the weather conditions of a particular area. The wind pressure and the type of rains should be considered while selecting the plants, whether they can bear the expected wind pressure and the intensity of rains throughout the year or not. The irrigation requirements and other nourishing features required by the plants should also be taken into account, keeping in mind the feasibility and the convenience of providing these services.

Panel and type of Frame – The Multi-level façade needs a firm installation and rugged structure depending upon the seismic factor and the type of soil in which the installation is done. Weak installation with inadequate structure and strength could lead to accidents over time, resulting in the loss of life, damage to the property, and other resources.

Attention, care, and Maintenance – The plants need proper attention, care, and maintenance after their installation. They need adequate attention, care, and maintenance to survive and go long. Any neglect of them could lead to the plants drying and dying, making it difficult to replant, reinstall, and revive the green facades. The direction of the regular winds and the intensity of the direct sunlight reaching these tender plants are to be considered genuinely. Both factors are significant in influencing the growth and life of the plants, besides deciding the attention, the care, and the maintenance they will require, throughout the year.

Other Factors – There are factors such as the type of the installation and the species of the plants selected, which are of special consideration, where the scalability of the facades and the easy expansion of the plant matters. It has to be seen whether the expansion could be easily achieved by the same plants or new plants would be required to be planted to suffice the future expansion. Similarly, the façade should be of an easily expandable nature of the expansion is on the cards.

So, Are These Green facades Worth Installing?

The green spaces not only beautify the surrounding areas or give an appealing look to the structures but they also improve the health and the well-being of the surroundings or the nearby people whether it’s an office or a hospital or a school or a commercial complex. They psychologically uplift the mood and heals the people on the one hand, drastically save on the air-conditioning bills of the residents.

Here are the major benefits of installing green facades:

  1. Natural outlook – The Green facades provide structures of nature’s look and add to the natural beauty of the place. It gives a feel of living in the lap of nature and enhances the mood and the nature of the people living there.
  2. Improved thermal installation – The Green facades add to the thermal insulation effect of the building and therefore maintains the inside temperature of the building, reducing their electricity bills and increasing the longevity of the gadgets.
  3. Acoustic effects – The foliage provides the acoustic effect to the buildings and prevents the outside noise from entering inside and thus eliminates the unnecessary nuisance and the annoying disturbance. It also prevents the inside sound from going out of the buildings and disturbs the other surrounding neighborhood in case you are partying inside your building. The green facades are great noise dampers.
  4. Better Air quality – The green facades improve the air quality inside the building because of the filtered air entering the building after crossing the foliage and carrying its moisture along with them. Thus, on one side it keeps the environment naturally hydrated and on the other results in a cool breeze blowing in the premises. The foliage also improves the oxygen concentration of the air while putting a check on the surrounding pollution.
  5. Provide economy to the structures – The Green façade reduces the electricity bill as well as the acoustic expenditure of the buildings and thus minimizes the operating and maintenance cost making the venture economical. They provide a much-required shade to the building to enhance the life of the structure while keeping them cool and hydrated throughout the year.
  6. Improves Ecological balance – The green facades maintain the ecological balance of the environment as their foliage captures the airborne particulate matter and other volatile gaseous pollutants. They retain the foliage cover throughout the year and maintain a cool microclimate by transpiration of water through the leaves and keeps improving the ecological balance.

Conclusion – The Green Facades add to the ambiance and aura of the buildings while providing them a natural look and enhancing the air quality, hydration, and the complete surrounding environment. They improve the health and fitness of the residents and the other nearby people and raise their mood to improve their efficiency and productivity. Not only this it brings down the operational and maintenance cost of the building. And, above all these green facades are economical to install, operate and maintain.

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